Please email or telephone to enquire about prices for each of our services which are listed below;

ASD Pre-Assessment

ASD Formal Assessment  

Formal Mental Health Assessment 


EAP Services

Costs for the following services will be determined on a case-by-case basis as they are bespoke services.  

Our fees vary considerably dependant on the type of service required, we welcome enquiries from:

  • Parents of children with learning or behavioural difficulties.
  • Mainstream Schools seeking EP or CP support on either a  one off case or for continuing provision of  services.
  • Special schools seeking similar support.
  • Independent or Language schools or colleges.
  • Schools and Colleges requiring JCQ Assess Arrangement Reports (JCQ Form 8).
  • Local Authorities in need of locum or short term placements to overcome peak demands on their own EP/SEN services.
  • Legal firms acting on behalf of their clients, and in need of Expert Witness reports for Court or Tribunal hearings.
  • Social Services or LA Legal Services requiring cognitive, mental health or psychiatric assessment of individuals.
  • Adults who wish to receive a diagnosis or a programme of intervention or therapy.

Additional Travel Costs: Travel of up to 30 miles (15 miles each way) is included in the service cost, however for greater distances, costs will be charged at £0.45 per mile for every mile and part thereof after 30 miles. 

We are trying to maintain a high quality, low-cost service.   Please note that all final reports and, if necessary, referral letters will be issued upon full payment for services received.  Accounts are expected to be settled in full upon completion of the Counselling session(s), Assessment or Pre-Assessment meetings.

Private Health Cover - 3CCAA are BUPA Providers - 3CCAA have had cases where the above costs have been met by Private Health Insurance providers.  We would encourage you to contact your provider to see if this would apply to your particular case BEFORE going forward.

We accept payment by electronic transfer (preferred), and most debit and credit cards.  If these present difficulty we will accept cash and cheques.


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